WHAT IS...    Waffle~era Tea Room

Waffle-era Tea Room is the original Gourmet Savory  and  Sweet  Waffle  Restaurant

and Tea Room, established in Colonial Old San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2011. Now

celebrating a decade offering deep-dish-style waffles topped with savory and/or

sweet toppings, syphon-fire-brewed coffee, fresh steeped tea, cocktails and drinks.

The one-of-a-kind creative food concept of Waffle-era Tea Room is focused on fresh made waffle delicacies paired with a rich offer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including favorite brunch drinks and other as well as a wide selection of teas and herbals for a one of a kind cocktail or hot or cold beverages in the island's first Tea Room and Waffle Restaurant. Waffle-era Tea Room also offers their coffee syphon bar, first and only one in Puerto Rico and one of a few in our hemisphere with: premium local puertorrican coffee that is brewed to order utilizing fire syphon method exclusively, celebrating the quality and taste of puertorrican coffee with a peculiar system that replicates the "cafe colaó" taste.

Everything is steeped, infused, brewed, baked and blow-torched to perfection when ordered just for you in an elegant yet laid-back atmosphere where a friendly staff welcomes visitors with cozy warm hand made wood interior furnishings reminiscent of a turn of the century apothecary, “botica” pharmacy or spice/herb emporium with Tea Room elegance yet laid back cozyness, unasumingly posh, quaint yet sophisticated flare of good taste and detailed focused design. Some have called it a neo-victorian/eduardian, steam-punkish foodie school-house where Jules Verne meets Carroll’s Wonderland. 


Soft, smooth,  romantic, melodic, melancholic west coast jazz plays as backdrop softly as to permit intimate conversations amidst waffles, tea and coffee order's delight. Glassware utensils glimmering with dancing flames as tea is steeped, waffles waffled and coffee is glass syphon fire brewed with thermometers and sandclocks are observed for perfection as everuthing is prepared and waffles blow-torched just for you. Design and taste your perfect bite and sip-up your dreams.


Waffle-era Tea Room alias La Waflera offers visitors an amazing view of San Juan Bay set it's new location #100 Calle Marina St., Old San Juan, Viejo San Juan Puerto Rico. An elegant yet laid-back atmosphere. Enjoy deep-dish waffles or salads, yoyurt based or plated dishes built from our rich selection of fresh and gourmet savory and/or sweet toppings and our topping combinations, some blow-torched or design your own! For your drinking pleasure, we have fruit juices, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and cocktails including classics and originals options, tea, herbal and coffee based alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks perfect for brunch or light lunch. You can also choose fresh steeped tea and herbals from a  great selection of over two dozen whole leaf teas and herbals to enjoy hot, cold or buy to take home. Everything's prepared fresh just for you in our original concept one of a kind establishment, the first gourmet savory & sweet waffle based restaurant. Everything is steeped or brewed when ordered including our selection of premium local coffee that is fire-syphoned in Puerto RIco's first Tea Room and first and only Syphon Coffee Bar. Our menu features fun, delicious, creative, fresh, food and exotic drinks beautifully made before your eyes!  Waffle-era Tea Room is celebrating 10 years of delicious originality and high quality food fun decadence. Visit us and you will see and taste why Puerto Rico has suddenly fallen in love with waffles and Brunch and our international visitors rave about our singular taste and experience. Sit down relax and enjoy...

Waffle-era Tea Room Secret to Success:


From design to execution a first of it's kind food concept, Sincerity, Creativity, True Originality, Honesty, Innovation and Good-faith Entrepreneurship, Community/Social Corporate Responsibility, a Great Staff, Quality Materials, Hard Work and Working  Smart, Establishing and Following Standards and Procedures, and Consistency, Passion and Resiliance 

Waffle-era Tea Room is currently offering Franchise Oportunities & Employments Opportunities interested?  CONTACT US!