toppings coffee & OVER 30 options

     of whole leaf tea & herbals                                              steeped FOR YOU! 

     Waffle-era Tea Room is the island’s first and only gourmet

savory  and  sweet  waffle  establishment  in  Puerto Rico, the

first “Tea Room”and specialty coffee siphon bar. Everything is

steeped or infused to perfection when ordered from selection

from over 30 organic gourmet whole leaf tea and  herbals,  to

drink, hot or cold. You can also purchase to make at home by

weight from Cultura Adoquín Te & Tisanas among others.

     We also specialize in siphon-fire-brewed coffee. Everything

is brewed to order on siphon fire-brewers, this system replicates

the traditional Puertorrican “cafe colao” slow brewed filtered method.


      Our menu consists of belgio-boricuan style deep dish savory and sweet waffles using an original secret recipe and baked when ordered. Many of their dishes are cooked or finished off with blow-torch. After three years Waffle-era Tea Room moved to a new location steps away from the original. Waffle-era Tea Room offers an elegant yet laid-back atmosphere and a friendly staff that welcomes visitors with cozy warm hand made wood furnishings, reminiscent of a turn of the century antiquary “botica” pharmacy or spice and herb emporium some have called it a neo-victorian, steam-punk place where Jules Verne meets Carroll’s Wonderland.  Creators  have dubbed the concept “Foodie-schoolhouse” where visitors experiment flavors over a common denominator: the waffle.